Artist Statement

The multidisciplinary artist Greta D. Facchinato develops works which are a combination between field recording, performance, installation and sculpture.

Her practice is involved in researching listening as an active access to create new works and to relate to her audience. Listening becomes a practice of the body, whereas the listener finds himself/herself in a suspended timespace between interiority and exteriority.

By coming from the field of dance she is particularly attentive to how we experience sounds. Therefore strong consideration is dedicated to the space and to the materials where the encounters happen, moreover to the position that the body will be invited or restricted to assume. Her works challenge the performance practice within the genesis of tensions in order to reconsider topics of intimacy and public. The collaboration method is a element that distinguished the artist projects in the last years: especially with dancers, sound artists and the fashion designer Silvia Sandri

Greta Desirèe Facchinato