Artist Statement

The multidisciplinary artist Greta Desirée Facchinato has backgrounds in dance, sculpture and artistic research. Her work is a co-mingling between installation, sound-art and performance: a practice which reflects her close relationship to the female body, as appendix for the physical senses - sight, listening, smell, touch. She is intrigued by the creation of relationships of comfort and tension with the audience.

Through storytelling her imagination with drawings, notes and material research her practice has often fortuitous outcomes, soaked in sensual/sexual connotations. Between many fascinations she is attracted to work with materials and elements in order to allude to the body or its garments. Strong consideration is dedicated to the space’s design as a incorporated costume or appendix, which invites and forces specific bodily positions. As a result she aims to draw a fanciful anatomy of the stage, provoking classifications and letting you associate, absorb and invade the stereotypical accomplishment expected from a performer, in this era of consumption. By stepping in her body, grasping materiality, filling our nostrils and hitting the lungs, as sweat may do within a dancer.

Greta Desirèe Facchinato