Color is Alive - Artist Book (2021)

Exhibited at Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag from 27th November 2021 to 20th February 2022

"Color is Alive" is a special artist book with Greta D. Facchinato riso-printed photography and her favorite recipes to make natural ink. The editorial design is thought out by the artist as in between a journal and a botanical manuscript from medieval times. The research into the world of color and of natural ink-making is constantly learning from our landscape and it takes effort, time, and the willingness of opening up all the senses. This is not only a book but a collection of reflections and precious lessons that the artist learned on the way by researching archives, reading, printing, and speaking to different people.

Editorial Design, Photography, and Author: Greta D. Facchinato.

Riso printing and binding: Stencilwerck Den Haag.

Price: €25,-

Research made possible by City of The Hague and in collaboration with Grafische Werkplaats Den Haag.

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