Fleshquake Open Call

A video project about freedom of movement, beauty idealizations and critical society by Greta Desirèe Facchinato & Raquel Sánchez Gálvez

Flesh'quake` noun A quaking or trembling of the flesh; a quiver.

The project stems from the aspiration to challenge and question those Western notions of beauty, normality and decency. Fleshquake will be realized at De School, Amsterdam. It will include a series of collective activities rooted in generosity, alterability and sensitivity towards the multiple perspectives of everyone who will work with us. The result will consist of a video project and an audio installation.

The movement research will include the development of custom-made body implants worn as costumes and aims to friction the aesthetics of plastic surgery with the soft freedom of the natural shaken flesh. A mix of erotic and grotesque, liberating but defiant to those fantasies of rearranging, transforming and correcting the seductive form. Plastic surgery as well as dance practices of shaking the body often provoke resistance and debate because they emphasize body shapes and sexual allure. Our critical interpretations are filtered by education, belief systems, socioeconomic and political context and forge our reception of events and bodies. The project aims to replace labels with questions by exposing the audience eyes to constructions of femininity, sexuality, gender politics and to the often objectified dancing body.

Who are we looking for Amateur dancers, professional dancers, performers and movement engaged lovers based in the surroundings of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag. The open call will be followed by a casting aimed to select 3 performers. The project welcomes anybody regardless of their origin, age (+18) and gender. Starting soon and working towards the period of January and February 2020.

What we will offer The video project will be presented as a solo exhibition at De School Amsterdam – March 2020. A fee will be offered for the rehearsals and production of the video.

Key dates Call for entries: Wednesday 6 November – Saturday 30 November 2019. Informal conversations with shortlisted artists: Wednesday 11, Thursday 12 December 2019. Decision announced: week commencing 16 December 2019. Development and production period: January 2019 – February 2020.

How to apply If you are interested please send your CV to [email protected] Complete the Application form [https://forms.gle/xRd5Q36m3kZn7q6B9]()

About the artists The two The Hague based artists, Greta Desirèe Facchinato and Raquel S. Gálvez come from different artistic backgrounds, covering areas such as installation, video art, dance, sound art and performance. Together they are part of the artist-run-studio Form Code and Words.

The multidisciplinary artist Greta D. Facchinato has backgrounds in dance, sculpture and artistic research. Her work is a co-mingling between installation, sound-art and performance: a practice which reflects her close relationship to the body, as appendix for the physical senses - sight, listening, smell, touch, taste. She is intrigued by the creation of relationships of comfort and tension with the audience. Raquel S. Gálvez : background in sculpture, performance, video, sound and artistic research. Although her works are normally intended to respond to specific situations and take form in different means and aesthetics, there is a prevailing “figure” or fascination for voluptuousness and exploitation of the erotic body as an almost an extension and/or evasion of the psyche. The seducing elements in her works are normally a substitute of certain kind of morbidity.