FOAM: The Listening Body - Performance

A one by one performance where the audience is invited to engage through the senses of sight, touch and listening. The project emerges from an interest to the body of the listener and its status in our contemporary society. Whereas the individual lives as a bubble in foam - we tend to touch each other but only through our external membranes. Here, the costume of the performer is reconsidered as a hidden stage. The materials mainly involved are memory foam and the lycra textile typically worn by dancers - as nude costumes. Materials which are commonly used to isolate and to filter what is supposedly wanted to be revealed. The shape of the costume-stage itself seems an organic, bodily appendix: it invites the audience and the performer to come closer, to reach for a hug, to meet, even though still distant. To snuggle and to penetrate, to sink in or to stretch towards the inside, towards the outside. A body which inhabits an another body. A moment of isolation. An intrusion in a corporeal cavity.

Exhibition "An Imperfection, often concealed with", during the KABK Graduation Festival 2018.

Assistent during the performance: Raquel Sanchez. Costume-stage design in collaboration with Silvia Sandri. Curtains realized in collaboration with Annemiek Kemp. Performer: Greta Desiree Facchinato. Photographer: Ellen Daniels. Stage structure in collaboration with Merlijn Udo. Subject modeling in the picture: Lucy Engelman.