Hideouts For The Body (2018)

Sound instalaltion at Residency Programme at Hospitalfield, Arbroath (Scotland).

"Can you feel me? I am cold. I am heavy. Sedimented. You have no choice but to wait for the sediment to settle on your skin. You allow to let my very cold fine particles to change your facial body-temperature. You are warm, I can feel you. I am a stone. I am the shell of the person you are coming to be. Could you live outside your shuck? Soon you would be dead, the empty shell of your body to be left crumpled in the clean bed sheets. To hide the blood, revealing your clam. Who does your lid belongs to? Still hold me, how tight you can. Where can your warm flesh snuggle closer, trying to absorb my cold skin? Soft tissues. Hard armour. Can you feel me? I am finding a hideout for the body."

Sound installation. One by one listening session.