Is it all just a memory? (2017)

Performance presented at Zaal 3, Den Haag.

The main purpose of the work is reproducing the overwhelming feeling that can be generated by the listening experience of languages dissimilar from our mother tongue.

The sound material works in the performance as revelation of a listening sensitivity. It is an act, in between fiction and reality.

Can the unknown, the unknown language, produce a new language of the ears? Something impalpable, like a nebulous, which expands and dissolves in our inner being? Where does that nebulous flow then? Is it a hallucination? A feeling? A thought? Can we impress those sensorial experiences through the use of a external device like a recorder? Yet will the field recorder become an extension of our being? And what about those impressions, the recordings themselves: will they still recall our memory or will they become the technology itself?

The space of the performance is a sound installation realized by the artist. The storytelling is built up through the reproduction of field recordings: mostly languages and sounds of transportation devices captured from travels of Greta D. Facchinato in Europe.