Sauna Confessions (2018)

Installation/listening session at Quartair Gallery, Den Haag

A sauna cabin outside the gallery Quartair, Den Haag is turned into a location for a performative practice: the practice of listening to the other.

Fascinated by the sense of listening as a moment of isolation between interiority and exteriority, the artist decides to fully listen to the public, whatever he or she has or has not to say.

The work consists in twentyfive ongoing listening sessions, for a total time of two hours - five minutes for each session. The public, one by one, is invited to enter the sauna and to sit next to the artist. A transparent screen, separates and blurries one another. The gaze of both aims at the fire of the stove, in front of them. There, the element of the voice, together with the heat are firmly present.

A private, and intimate conversation which is not recorded. Holding a secret between sacred and profane. A moment of care whereas the distance between performer and public seeks out for temporary disruption.