We Are All Ears (2018)

This publication coincidenced with the Master Artistic Research’s exhibition at the KABK Graduation Festival, Den Haag from 6th July to 13th July 2018

The title, a word pun that challenges the original idiom “I am all ears” - commonly addressing to the moment when an individual underlines dedication towards an another auricular source.

We Are All Ears incorporates the notion of the verb “to be” as an interest to analyse aspects of personality, entity and awareness related to the 21th century Western society within the experience of the ears. Aspects of the self and of the community are highlighted through the extensive study of the technological device of the headphones.

Analogies are created between Sloterdijk’s critique of our “foam society” and the materiality of foam, mainly present in the sonic world as insulator.

We Are All Ears suggests a corporal and bodily attention too. The notion of space is related to the body as the actual origin of sound. If we are all ears does it mean that our senses have a dominancy on our minds? Interior and exterior voices constantly alternate each other, overlapping through brief concessions. Concessions that are similar to the one of donating a key to open or to close a door: an imaginary door, because as we know, ears do not have lids.

Author: Greta D. Facchinato.

Writing Tutor: Jasper Coppes.

English Proofreading: Jeanne Blackstone, Audrey Oh, Marie Verbenkov.

Graphic Design: Greta D. Facchinato.

Risoprinting and Binding: Stencilwerck.